Friday, March 1, 2013

New York

Oh how I long for you,
How I miss you,
It feels like forever even though its been just a few months,
I miss the strange smells roaming the air,
Different cultures on every corner,
People never really talking to eachother on streets,
The noise of sirens rushing through the streets,
The colors of fall on the ground,
The snowflakes falling.
I miss the music that flew through the wind,
So loud you wouldn't be able to sleep,
The icky trains that took you everywhere,
And Manhattan where everything took place.
The Broadway shows, that would leave you wondering if your life could be a musical,
The craziness of Time Square,
Looking at confused faces not knowing where they are going,
Sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of art enjoying a hot dog,
Watching the traffic lights go for miles,
But most of all watching the day time city become night,
Where all the lights glisen and the beauty awakens at night.
New York I love you, and miss you so much

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