Sunday, March 3, 2013

When One wants to... (The Crazzies Part 1 Amy Poem 1)

On a Wednesday night,
Where I just don't want to live anymore,
I text my friend,
"What is worth living for?
People are horrible and I don't feel like i am worth anything."
And she texts me back saying, "Don't do it."
But how am I not supposed to.
I just don't know how to handle all this stress.
I don't have an outlet for all these horrible things happening.
Before I know it she is at my house, and she askes me to get in her car.
I didn't really want to but I knew if I where to stay in my room,
the horrible thoughts would take over my mind and I wouldn't be able to came back to Earth.
So I sat in her car,
But I just couldn't say one word.
I just wanted to die.
I sat there well she tried to figure out what in the world was the matter with me.
But she just wouldn't understand.
All I could do was cry.
Crying was my solution.
As we drove around through downtown.
I watched all the cars pass by.
As my heart beat started to slow down,
and I just couldn't feel
I was allowing myself to go numb.
So that way no one could hurt me if I was already numb.
We approched Carl's Jr.
And I wondered why in the world we were here.
And out came my friend.
He sat in the back seat and tried to revive me
And by this I mean to make all the bad thoughts go out
Mid through the ride,
I began to talk.
And even though I didn't explain why I was having these thoughts
It brought me back from this dark place
The night was hard,
Trying to act like I was okay,
There was a lot of crying and no understanding
It got to the point where my other friend just couldn't handle seeing me in such pain
And she went to sleep in the bathroom
Because she as well has problems
But dont we all?
We woke up the next morning
We were all still alive.
And we made it through another night
Another night to see the next day

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