Friday, March 1, 2013

The Crazzies-Intro

Close your eyes,
Imagen a tall dark haired, tan asian, who is the sweetest person you can ever meet,
A tall thin blonde, with the prettiest eyes that have ever seen, a broken soul that is full of laughter,
and a chubby curly haired girl, who thinks she is a genius and tough but in reality is as scared as everyone else around her.
Three crazies
Brought together at the worst of times
but what they don't know,
is that they are meant to help eachother.
They will go through sevrual ups and downs in their lives, will grow up and will live life.
At the end of the day no matter how incredible or saddning the day has been,
they will always have eachother.
Even though family hasn't been there for them,
They have created their own type a family,
A community that they can trust and rely on.
(I will write more about their adventures togehter when I have time this is just an intro)


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