Sunday, March 3, 2013

We are Young (The Crazzies Part 1 Poem 2)

We are sitting on a huge rock,
Eating some crazy big burritos,
Right next to the shore front.
Looking up at the moon,
How full it is.
As we sit a cold rush of wind hits us.
What are we to do on such a beautiful night?
Before we know it we are filling up the gas tank
And we are on the high way
We come upon the house of one of my friends,
Where we are there to make some trouble
They greet us with hugs,
And we greet them with the UV.
We are young
As we make our way the living room
The smell is already in the air.
Oh how I've missed the smell.
Inhale, exhale
All muscles become loose
And all the bad is forgotten.
To my right she smiles to me and to my left he smiles and to the far left there they all are,
All moving at a much slower pace,
Enjoying life.
And forgetting that there is bad.
I let myself get lost in all the noise.
And take a sip.
Where has the time gone its 3am
and everyone is out.
A fight between brothers has just rosen,
One yelling off the top of his lungs,
Well the other one just says good night.
And the silence,
All of a sudden I am the only one still here.
I just sit and watch the fan above go around in circles
Well some one outside sits and pukes.
And then headlights,
Like they are about to carsh into the house
And out come those who had disappeared for a few hours.
We are young
And so irrisponsible
But what if this is the only life we get?
As every one begins to mellow down its 5am
And then all through the house dead silence
Every one has gone to sleep
We are young,
and we have no clue whats ahead.

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