Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our age

The lovely things that come from being the ages 18 through 21.
See people call you an adult but no one is treating you like one yet.
In fact some of us feel younger than we are because so many think they can take advantage of us, They think that just because we are this age that we can be used
because we are in the area of lostness,
and not sure where we are going.
Many of us make it alive well others of us dont.
This age is not easy.
I know, my friends and I struggle each day.
Trying to find what our meaning in life is
but we still haven't found it yet.
We seek for knowledge but we can not come to the end of the road.
The one thing that we forget,
When we get lost in the madness,
The horrible things in life,
Is that we are still young,
That we aren't alone, and that we are here,
Just like everyone else.

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