Friday, March 1, 2013

My Insecurities

There are millions of horrible thoughts running through my head
If I am doing the best I can do,
Am I too fat,
I am ugly,
If I do this will I get hurt?
Why is my heart racing so fast,
Things are getting blurry,
Anxiety kicking in.
Why can't I seem to concentrate,
I am not perfect,
I cant be this smart,
What if I don't succeed then what life will I live?
Am I not good enough,
Why can't I seem to understand what others are saying?
Are they speaking to me in a different tongue,
I am ugly,
Why does this society base everything on image,
Why am I not the same as everyone else,
Is there something wrong with me?
Why is my self esteem so low?
Why do people bully me,
Why do I allow them to,
I am ugly,
I am fat,
I am nothing,
I will never go far,
I am not white,
I have no brains,
I don't have any particular skill,
I am me.
So why can't this society accept it?

(Just ask yourself why do you as an individual care so much about how you appear on the outside? And where do you think this came from? From your family, your culture, the media that is around you, I am sure most of us have felt these insecurities, but remember none of us are perfect, we are all different, we are who we are, and no one can change that so expose your inner self!)

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