Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nightmares from the past (Poem 1)

As I sat on the couch, my heart began to race.
The blood running through my veins went faster.
I knew that I was not okay.
I could smell the scent of him coming towards me.
The floor creaking by each step that he took.
The musky smell of his cologne getting stronger.
There was nowhere to go.
I couldn't hide from him, he would find me.
I couldn't yell because he would just put his hand around my mouth to make me quiet.
If I told the neighbors they wouldn't believe me, nobody would.
I wanted to cry.
I wanted to scream.
And before I knew it,
He was standing right in front of me.
He was staring right at me,
With those evil eyes.
He promised me, if I cooperated that it wouldn't hurt,
but I knew he was lying.
I closed eyes hoping that it was just a dream.
But it wasn't,
It was my reality.

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