Friday, January 10, 2014

I AM......

I am the worst kind of person,
I am unpredictable,
I am a mess,
A storm ready to hit.
But it's not like I hide it.
I make it pretty apparent what kind of person I am.
I probably speak my mind too much,
Which can get me into trouble,
I don't make sense.
I get too emotionally involved with everything I do.
I am too nice, which can cause me to be mistreated,
But there is a dark side to me.
If you get on my bad side you better duck and cover.
I am be impulsive.
I can be a major bitch at times, and I wont deny it, because it's true.
My anger can get the best of me (but it is rare that it does)
It can cause me too act irrationally,
Sometimes I will even punch a wall to release my demons out.
I do really random things,
Some that don't even make sense to me.
I'd rather be alone then be around people.
When things are good for me,
I tend to find something to sabotage my happiness,
Because I feel like I don't deserve it.
Which leads me to the next thing;
I don't believe in love,
Because my heart has been toyed with too many times,
But it doesn't mean I wont find it again.
I see good in everyone (even the bad ones)
I like chocolate too much, well correction I LOVE chocolate,
I don't tell people how I feel because I'd rather focus on them.
I will change the subject if I don't want to talk about something.
And most of all,
I am an honest person.
don't hide who I am.
I am a monster,
I probably have more flaws then good attributes,
But I am a beautiful monster

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