Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coldness of the Night

Those lonely cold nights,
where the sun meets the horizon,
and nothing can be seen for miles,
besides the sand that goes on and on
All that he is left with
Is the guilt he feels inside.
It eats him,
Until he goes mad
Then he will see
What madness he has bestowed upon
There is no way of going back
For the coldness of the night has come
He lays on the ground
Staring at the beauty around him,
Wondering why he had been so blind,
For so long
What got him here?
Why was he no longer the good man he once was.
His heart was frozen.
Was it because of everything
Was it because of this heart ache
He felt the sand between his fingers,
The softness that he hadn't felt since childhood.
Brought comfort to his loneliness
He knew he wasn't going to make it
So he asked for forgiveness
For all his wrongs
He didn't want to leave with out saying,
I am sorry.
To the one he did wrong.

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