Saturday, November 16, 2013

In your arms

The first thing that pops into my mind is you
The way you used to lay next to me,
Your arms wrapped around me,
Protecting me from all the evils out there
And in your embrace I felt safe,
Safer then I had ever felt in my life.
There was something about you,
As my head lay on your chest.
Listening to the sound of your heart beat
I knew I was loved.
You didn't have to tell me.
I would look into your eyes,
And they would speak for themselves.
Oh how I miss your eyes.
The way they looked at me.
Like I was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.
The way you would get that dorky smile when I finally realized you had been staring.
And then I would lean in for a kiss.
The warmth of your lips against mine,
Woke up my body.
You were my home.
No matter where I was.
And even now,
I still feel like you are.
Even though we wont ever be again.


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