Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am lost

I have failed
I'm not sure how I got to where I am
But the more I look back at my actions
And the current ones,
I find myself failing even more
I have no clue which direction I am going
Sometimes I forget how to put my shirts on the correct way
I am truly afraid of where my life is going
But what do I do?
I have no true guidance
Who do I reach out to that I can actually trust?
I have no clue
Where I am going
Which direction is north or south
I have these amazing ideas
but i just don't know
Maybe my fear is what is holding me back from my potential
Or perhaps not taking chance
I am not sure
I just know that I want to do something
I want to be something
I want to feel whole
not broken into pieces
I don't care if I am rich or famous
Just want to feel content with life
I want something more out of life
I want to achieve the greatest me
Where its something silly or crazy.....
my only problem is
where do I start?

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