Friday, December 21, 2012

The Anxiety of an Adoptive famliy

It's always been a family of four,
And one being forgotten
Reality is there is one more person
I am that hidden person
The one that's gets blamed for everything
That one who pushes and pushes to get attention
But gets none
The one who tries to over achieve
Has develop a disorder
Who is going mad to be approved
It's like I am a ghost
It's like I am not here
When I speak they think it's going to be negative
Never giving me a chance
I don't know what to do
I feel like I have been neglected these whole 13 years that I have been adopted
Truth is these people may never understand me
I feel alone
I feel worthless
And I feel ashamed of who I am
I wish I could just run away
But wait I can
I am an adult
Why am I letting what they say get in the way?
Do I not have enough self esteem to keep going
All I want is to be heard
All I want is to be loved
But this I feel none
Shouldn't these people that adopted be more loving?
Shouldn't I be able to speak?
Why do I feel like I am enclosed
Why can I not breath?
I just want to be set free

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