Sunday, December 16, 2012

Change is a huge deal.
We take too many things for granted
I know I do,
How many of us wake up in the morning and instantly start judging our self image,
We don't even take the time to notice that we are still alive,
We don't notice how many people die per day
We don't notice those around us who are morning for loved ones
Our world is only us
What happens when this no longer is just about us?
What if some one we love just got shot.
Then what do we do?
How do we react
Even maybe sometimes laughter?
This is to the most current events happening nation wide.
To the men and women and children in Connecticut, USA,
To the children in Hiben, China who got stabbed
To the children and women who are suffering in the Middle East,
To our loved ones who we take for granted that we have lost,
To the people who have committed suicide,
To those lost souls who were lost in the whole world
 You will not be forgotten

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