Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Advance for our Time

I live in a world where everyone knows everyone's business,
There's Facebook, Twitter, and numerous social websites.

Where children know about sex and drugs.

Technology keeps changing every few months,
Brainwashing us with violence and gore.
Money is a MUST have material 

Women are supposed to be tiny and big breasted
And men are supposed to run on lots of testosterone.

Where people who barely say one word get millions of dollars
Well millions are unemployed.

I watch the sun rise and fall every day,
Each day more and more trash being brought to shore.

Teenagers, children being tormented by their parents ill decisions

Where is this world going?

The echoes of shootings throughout the streets,
A mother's cry of her dead sons body,

To those who serve us overseas,
To protect us from harm,

As we cause harm to ourselves.

Where is this world going?

Brother to brother
Sister to sister

As human we all are,

where has our humanity gone?

Poem by Marta Flinn

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