Monday, April 21, 2014

To my "new" Best Friend

There is someone I have been talking to for almost a year.
He sort of just came out of no where in my life. 
I am glad he did though. 
He is a huge pain in my ass but even though he has a very strong personality, 
there is something in him that allows me to confined in him. 
He pretty much knows everything about me, 
more then the people who are supposed to be long time friends. 
Even though he gets irritated at me babbling on about both happy and depressing thoughts, 
he actually listens. 
he doesn't judge me and,
He finds some stupid ways to make me smile when I am upset. 
I care for him deeply,
Probably the first person I have been able to care for,
after the whole indecent.
He has brought back the humanity in me,
The darkness isn't there as much because of him,
and because of this,
All I want for him is the best. 
I want him to succeed. 
I want him to know there is some one here for him, 
to listen, 
to care for him.
I love him so much,
That I could not bare the thought of him not being in my life
Because even though he may not believe it, 
he is my best friend. 

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