Monday, April 14, 2014

Alice's Last Poem (The Crazzies Alice Poem 6)

Summer like days in the spring is what I love most,
Sitting on the roof, 
With a pair of shorts
And a good book to read.
Looking out in the distance and wondering what will be,
But most of all I love
The way nature just lets it be,
There is so much beauty that we ignore,
We don't take the time to just relax,
And let it all in
What I will miss most,
Is the way the sun felt on my skin,
The way it took me away,
I don't know what will happen once I leave,
But I just hope that my friends and family will love this Earth,
Like I have loved it.
Love the simplicity of it all,
And not let the complex eat it all up,
There is just so much to live for.
So much to do.
Some day we will meet again,
But until then,
I love you. 

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