Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunny Spring Day

"Even though it maybe awkward at first, it gets better, you want to know why, cause the best things come out of awkwardness" (Quote by Marta Flinn)

It's a strange day out. The clouds and the sun can not decide what they want to do. In the distance of everything, the court yard of the college is full with music, blasting through the air. As college students pass back and forth looking at the commotion. But nobody really stops to see. Only those curious enough actually do.

If you stop you realize that it's an event going on, where people are socializing, getting to know one another, in other words, its a club fair. But you wouldn't know that if you were just passing by. What you would see, would seem normal for a college atmosphere. Students dancing to the hip music. People clustering near the food. Oh did some one say free ice cream! Students run to the station. You see colorful shirts being hung, for there is a booth where you can decorate a shirt and make it fabulous. And if you dear, you will find chalk. Chalk sitting there, waiting for someone to pick it up. But who would think that chalk has anything to say.

As group of friends grab some of this chalk. They find themselves creating a galaxy, with the moon, sun, and stars. There is plenty of color. As the group of friends creates their piece, people stop and look. Wondering what is being created. A few even ask if they can join in. Of course they say yes. And this turns into human interaction, where there are no phones being used or social media. Just plain, simple fun. On a beautiful sunny spring day in California. Where new friendships are being created and happiness is being spread, and hope is being given.

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