Monday, December 30, 2013


                                                   Photograph by Edenne G Flinn

                                                      Where ever you maybe on this Earth,
                                                There will always be beauty to be found
                                    Adventures to be made
                          Joy to be turned into laughter.
             Memories to be captured.
                                                     We will meet a thousand people in our life time,
                                                                 But the person we get to know best is our selves.
                                                                         So don't change who you are,
                                                                               Change your ways,
                                                                                      To a knew destination,
                                                         Where you can challenge not just your body, but mind as well.
                                            To push yourself to the limits you believed you could not,
                                Once you have reached this,
                       You will find a better understanding of who you are.
                                                                               I have no New Year's resolution.
                                                                                        I will continue to do what I have been doing,
                                                        Creating the best version of myself.

P.S. Happy New Years to everyone who reads my blog, and thank you! Hope this New Year is filled with joy! Happy Holidays

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