Sunday, October 6, 2013

Land of Unknown

I am from the land of unknown.
I don't know where I came from or what my purpose in life is.
I know one thing, I am not who I seem to be.
I am a person lost in the world we all share.
The same air we breath
The same creatures.
but I don't know where I came from or what my past is.
It seems that everyone s alike.
My life started very early, before you or your grandparents were born.
I am an old soul wondering the face of Earth, unable to die.
Unable to feel anything.
My life was wasted many years before.
Way back when we the human race had become the dominant species.
As i roamed the Earth, a wizard called upon me.
He told me to climb the highest mountain at the horizon. There I would find something so amazing, there would be no words to describe it.
When I reached the the destination,
I did not find what I had pictured.
But what he meant was that I would find death.
He had tricked me.
From the distance some one called my name. A man.
I turned to find the one and only, Satan.
He stood before me, tall and handsome
Just like everyone had told me.
My heart stopped.
I gazed into his deep blue eyes, full of evil, heart break, regrets, and sadness.
But as I gazed longer, everything went dead around.
He came closer to me.
As I stood there. He read my like a book, page by page.
He relived my pain.
He whispered something into my ear, but I could not say it back
He gave me a kiss with those icy, tender, soft lips.
And then bam, he stole my heart, and replaced it with immortality.
As my punishment,
I am forced to watch each day go on by, watching people suffer from all that he has done.
Only because I wouldn't say I love you.
His harshness stole my heart, so I would never be able to love or feel again.
To live in darkness, to seek for light even though it's not there anymore.
I am from an unknown land, where my dreams started but ended.
Where all was right at one time, but ended with nothing........

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