Sunday, October 6, 2013

I love you forever

Whether apart or together,
I will love you forever.
No matter how many times the sun rises and sets.
I will for you forever.
Even if you forget the love that we shared,
Or if all you feel is hate,
I will love you forever.
For my heart has been stolen,
It has been set to one rhythm
The rhythm of you.
If you were to die,
The feelings I have will still be there.
I love you forever.
For you have a special place,
A part of my heart,
Even though you may not feel the same anymore.
No one else will make me feel the way you did,
Never will I feel so close to some one,
My other half.
We may grow apart,
But you will forever be my first love,
And for that I will love you forever,
Until death and even after death,
As we used to say.

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