Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Learning is a long life process
There are many failures in life that we go through.
Some of them make perfect sense
Well others you cant really seem to find an explanation.
But never the less, there is a lesson to be learned,
Whether it's that you find out that you are extraordinary at doing something
Or the totally opposite.
However you shouldn't see it as a form of defeat
Rather, a form of learning.
But the thing is, you at least did something,
Most wont even take a stand.
I mean the thing may not be the best choice,
But you did do something
Rather then not
And isn't that the whole point.
To do as many things as you can
Before you leave this Earth.
Because would you really want to leave with doubts and regrets
So failure really isn't failure.
It is just a step in the right direction.
What ever that direction maybe.

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