Thursday, May 30, 2013

None Sense writing

I'm not sure
But you left me here
To grive on my own
To wonder what I ever did wrong
To wonder is there was something wrong with me
Thinking that I am this horrible person
Through everything we have been through
You telling me
That you want to forget
Forget everything
Fine I am granting you, your wish
To never have to think of me again
And its okay
Because through this all
I have found many people to make me smile
People who actually care about me
Who ask me
Hey are you okay?
Do you need anything
Have seen me at my worst
Drunk off my ass
High off my ass
All because of you
Infecting my mind with things
Making me believe
That I mean nothing
You were a good person
What happend?
Who are you?
But the thing is
I will move on from this
Because i know that I love myself
That I am better than this
That there is some one else out there
Some one that will be the one who loves me as a whole
Not just me on my good days.
But my horrible days
Who will come to me with a million flowers
Wont take no for an answer and make me go out
It could of been you
But you are weak
Hope you find strengh
I don't wish anything bad upon you because thats who I am
But I just hope that good things come from this
And that you learn
For now I shall laugh my sadness and anger away
For I am strong

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