Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After You've Been Cheated On

There is no way....
I just can not believe this just happend
What did I do wrong?
Why me?
I feel so disgusting.
I just can not believe this...
I feel betrayed.
I am not sure where to go from here
It's like I have lost my other half,
because I really have,
Keep telling myself that I am going to be okay
But just the thought keeps rerunning through my head,
You promised you never would,
You said you wouldn't do anything to harm me,
But why am I on the ground crying to death,
Why can't I eat, or sleep.
Why do I feel like it is all my fault.
Is this a test to see how far I can be pushed?
Is this a sign from up above?
To show me I can make it through anything?
Can things ever be better again?
I have loved you for so long,
I can not just let go,
But just can't believe you did this.....
It can not be
I just feel so lost,
I just need to get up
I need to smile,
I can not let the negativity bring me down,
If it is meant to be between you and I it will
If it is not, it is such a shame because we could of been good,
Cause no relationship is perfect it takes time to learn and it takes time to heal,
All I can hope is for the best.
All I can do is wait,
But at the end
We are just left by ourselves.
Love is so hard,
Love takes time,
but LOVE is also fragile.
But LOVE can last.
Just have to push away all the bad and focus on the good.
Love is LOVE
even after such a thing.
thats why it takes time...

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