Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letting go

One of the hardest things to do in life is
Letting go of some one that you love so much
In hopes if they are the one
They will find their way back to you
But you wont know
Only time will tell
I love him so much
I care for him so much
But it is time to let him go
He is hurting
I am hurting
Things have been said
Things have been done
There is no turning back
Just move forward
And forward.
It is so hard to wrap your finger around
The cold bed that you have to sleep on
The closet that is no longer full of his clothes
And a few things he has left behind by accident
Well you sit around crying and crying
Wondering what went wrong
But you know what it is
If he really loves you like he said he does
He will come back
No matter the time
But you also have to face the fact that he may not
As hard as it maybe
But this is the best choice possible
Being around eachother
And seeing eachother in pain doesnt help the situation
Especially when there is no outlet
I shall walk around like a zombie for a few days
And mop and eat lots of unhealthy food
But then I will be able to stand on my two feet
Like I once have
And breath
I love you so much
But this is best for now
Take care of yourself
Because that is what needs to be done
Its not a goodbye
It is till see you later.

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