Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seeking Acceptance

The acceptance of one's family

can be the biggest

Sometimes we don't understand 
why things are a mess

why it's so dysfunctional

why we need to please?

Family is an interesting subculture in our lives

Why do we push our selves so far?

Why do I feel so ashamed of who I am?

is it because I don't have acceptance of my family?

I seem to find myself in a lost place

cold and afraid

I'm not sure where I am going

But when I reach for help,

I'm humiliated by the ones who are supposed to love me

But are these people the ones who are supposed to love me?

Or is it the group of people that I associate myself with?

I seem to be so close

But yet so far away

I am lost in this mess

I am not sure which way is up and which way is down

Searching for this truth

I can't seem to grasp.

Where is my family?

Poem by Marta Flinn

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