Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pieces from an unknown artist

Up in the mountains
Artist Alexander Tsuyoshi Barata

The Spine
Alexander Tsutoshi Barata

Red haired girl

Supporting local artist of the Monterey County
Photograph by Marta Flinn

Alexander has been doing art since he was a young boy.  Doctors had him scribble on pieces of paper to help him through rough patches of his life. And from the scribbling it became long hours sitting outside sketching, painting, anything he could find to make art. Ever since then he has always found art to be the resting place for his mind. Where he can loose himself just like any other artist and create beautiful pieces for others to see. He isn't very well known but it doesn't matter to him because he enjoys art for the fun, relaxation and therapy.

Art is everywhere around us, only some of us choose to see it,
only some of us take in the beauty
and only some of us can show it
never the less art is life
life is art.

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