Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Way Ticket

Smooth like a stone,
But rough like rocks,
Cold as ice, 
And warm as the sun,
Sadness appears on cloudy days,
Mysterious on misty ones,
Lovely one day,
But ugly another,
Photographed by Marta Flinn
Even the coldest or the driest of places still have beauty and life to them
superstar living the life, 
Like diamonds in the sky, 
But all comes crashing down,
A homeless person on the streets,
Life is compilcated some days,
And sometimes it's a bowl of cherries
Pick one and find what is in store,
Like a rocket through the sky,
Life could end any second, 
Live it or fail it,
But still live what can not be lived and die how it should be,
Smooth like a stone, 
But rough like rocks,
Life only has one ticket,
So live it well

by Marta