Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Weight has been lifted

That moment of self distraction,
When you find out you have been holding on to nothing.
All the things you thought you knew
Aren't real anymore.
All the pain comes rushing so fast.
There's no time to breath.
No time to think.
All you can do,
Is cry.
With out really giving it much thought.
The pain in your chest, just hurts so much.
You begin to question everything.
Was it even real?
Or was it just a lie?
Did you cover up all the bad so you could just keep going
Hoping that it would get better.
That things would fix themselves.
But reality checked you.
Hit you right where it hurts.
As you begin to catch your breath again,
You realize that this moment maybe the worst ever,
But it may also be the best moment ever.
Because you are finally set free.
You can finally move forward.
And forget the past.
You can fly away,
To the distant sky

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