Friday, July 5, 2013


There is this great guy I just met,
He is the sweetest thing on this Earth
He has the cutest smile,
And the corniest lines.
The way his face turns bright red,
When I make him smile.
The way his eyebrows go up when he likes something
And the way he curls his nose when he doesn't.
The sound of his voice just soothes me.
He is different
Something different
Something better.
He is perfect, with his imperfections.
The way his warm bodies lays next to mine,
I feel so safe, and at peace
The softness of his lips, the sweetest kisses I have recieved.
The way he holds me close like he will never let go,
And brings me closer to reassure me.
The way he stairs at me when he thinks I am not looking,
Is this real?
I hope it is.
The way I can just look into his eyes and never get tired.
The way he makes me feel.
I loose myself when I am with him.
A good kind not the bad.
There is something very different about him.
He is incredible.
The way he lets me know everything will be okay,
And I believe him.
Every time he calls me beautiful,
Somehow I believe him.
He brings a smile to my face.
A different smile.
Something better.
It's him.
He is making me do better.

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